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Follow up to posting on poll - "What's On Your Nose?"

I want to thank all of you for your support in Muzzle Awareness. The poll results for the title of “What’s On Your Nose!” were an overwhelming 66 to 1 for having The Life of Dash on the front cover.

I have completed the book; however, I have this nagging feeling that I have forgotten a reason or two that one might muzzle a dog. Can I please once again get your assistance?

Here is a list of reasons that I have weaved into the book. If you can think of any other reason, please kindly post below. Please try not to repeat reasons. It would be most helpful if you read through the entire list that I have written and any other previous comments so that we are not doubling up.


My beautiful muzzled girl!

Reasons for muzzling.

  • Reason #1 – Introduction of new pet.

  • Reason #2 -Vet.

  • Reason #3 -Off leash play with supervision.

  • Reason #4 – Herding breeds around children.

  • Reason #5 - Police Reason - "low incident" situation. My "biting" ability is not required.

  • Reason #6 - Police Reason #2 – training.

  • Reason #7 - Military Reason - I wear a muzzle while I learn to jump out of an airplane. Reason #8 - Military Reason#2 - I wear a muzzle while I learn combat training.

  • Reason #9 - Sporting/hunting.

  • Reason #10 - Eating garbage, poop, etc.

  • Reason #11 - Bat training - socialization

  • Fear of other Reasons

  • Fear of men

  • Fear of woman

  • Fear of noises - thunder, lightning, gunshots, dropped objects - i.e. training for combat situations.

  • Fear of hats/hoodies

  • Fear of children

  • Fear of fearful dogs - reacting to and dominating them.

  • Fear of dominant dogs.

  • Fear of dogs who stare.

  • Fear of unneutered males.

  • Reason #12 – Fear of toenail clipping.

  • Reason #13 - Personal space from children. Teaching children to respect dog’s personal space. Reasons -- see #11.

  • Reason #14 – Grooming – haircut.

  • Reason #15 – Greyhound racing.

  • Thin skin.

  • Race winner.

  • Playtime.

  • Racing.

  • Reason #16 – Dangerous dog declaration.

  • Reason #17 – Mandatory breed.

  • Reason #18 – Mandatory public transportation.

  • Reason #19 – High prey drive.

  • Reason #20 – Disaster rescue.

  • Reason #21 – Search and rescue training.

  • Reason #22 - Disaster situation – fire, flood, etc. Multiple dogs in one area.

  • Reason #23 - Health reasons.

  • Reason #24 - Post surgery.

  • Reason #25 – Husky mushing.

  • Reason #26 – Testing if they are cat or other household animal, i.e. bird, ferret, etc., friendly.

  • Reason #27 – Introducing them to barnyard animals.

If you have any other reasons for muzzling that you would like to share please do so! Let’s educate people and make muzzle fear a thing of the past!

Thanks again for your help. What a great community we have here!

If you have any other reasons for muzzling that you would like to share please do so! Let’s educate people and make muzzle fear a thing of the past!

If you would like to share with young children or adults alike, check out this children's book dedicated to reasons for muzzling.

Paperback version is available now Amazon US ($14.99) and Amazon CA ($19.99). Soon to be released - Kindle version.

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