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What's on your nose?

Drawings by Happyme70

Hello, fellow dog owners.

I am writing a children's book on dogs who wear muzzles, why they wear them, and how they are not "scary."

....The young girl asked: “What do you have on your face?”

Dash replied: “Hi, what is your name, little girl?”

The young girl replied: “I am Clarice.”

What is that on your nose?

Dash answered: “It is called a muzzle.”

Clarice asked: “Why do you wear it? “

Dash replied: “When you ride in the car do you wear a seatbelt?”

Clarice answered: Yes!”

Dash asked: “Why, do you wear a seatbelt?”

Clarice said: “To keep me safe when I am riding in the car.”

Dash said: “My muzzle is just like your seatbelt, it keeps dogs and people safe.” Come, Clarice, let's meet my friends.....

Drawings by Happyme70

Dash, Siberian husky x, is a mischievous, lovable, naughty, grey hair causing dog? A rendition of a true husky owner's life. She is a rescue who came into my life 3 years ago. She was a feral dog living on the streets in Yellowknife.

As dogs cannot speak our language, we could only guess what she had encountered in her early years. It was, however, pretty clear that she had experienced trauma and disappointment. She was reactive and lacking social skills. With determination, empathy, consistency, and the right training tools, muzzle, she has become my pride and joy. She truly is the rescue who rescued me!

So, here is where you all come in. I am torn as to which is a better book cover: Option #1 or Option #2. The book is based on a series called "The Life of Dash."

I cannot decide which I like better. The one without the subtitle - The Life of Dash or the one with it. I can put the subtitle on the back of the cover within the description -- author information, blurb about the book, etc., however, it will not be as prominent as I am using a template due to my limited PS skills.

Option #1

Option #2


Dorothy Hilde is a mother of two boys. She lives in Saanichton, B.C. She has one grandson, Sawyer, and a mischievous rescue, Dash.

She has a passion for photography, gardening, and art. Her favorite past-time is hiking along the seaside or in the dense rain-forest of Vancouver Island with her dog.

When thinking of a special gift for her grandson, she came up with the idea for a series of children's books based on the antics of her rescue dog, Dash.

Please check out other titles by Dorothy Hilde: Cold Paws in color and black and white, I Found A Bone, That Dog Gone Dash, The Little Chicks and Me, and Until We Meet Again - a cowrite with Anthony (Hank) Vandyk.

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