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Allow me to introduce myself.  I am the owner of Dot's I. Photography, a native of British Columbia, with a passion for photography.

My photography is a collection of wildlife, landscapes, seascapes, and artistic images captured from different areas of Canada and the USA, as well as, some from Central and South America.

I use photography to relieve stress and to connect with nature.

I love watching the animals and enjoy the serenity of the deep dense forest, the sound of the falling water, and the way the sun sneaks into the ocean at night.

I taught myself composition and then I took an online course through The Photography Institute which enabled me to understand how photography is al​l about the manipulation of light.

I have a strong creative desire and a keen eye for capturing a moment. If one were to ask me what would I do with a lottery windfall, a substantial inheritance or the alike without hesitation my reply would be 'to sail the world while recording our adventures through the eye of a lens.

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