I decided to get off the rollercoaster of life and take a few minutes to inform the Enquiring Minds that Want to Know how it is I came about to be a member of the FAA website Dot's I. Photography - FAA and was introduced to BLOGGER.

I was introduced to FAA by a fellow photographer, Tom Buchanan (http://tom-buchanan.artistwebsites.com/)

Tom along with his wife, Maggie and I met under the most surreal circumstances. I had taken my sister's dog for a walk in the backcountry of Grand Forks, BC. I could see Tom and his wife, Maggie approaching in their vehicle and as I was not sure what the dog's reaction would be to an oncoming car, I bent over and picked her up instead of just holding onto her leash. They passed on by. I watched them turn the corner and experienced an odd sense of déjà vu?

When Tom and Maggie passed, I was standing on the side of the road speaking to a fellow who had stopped me and was asking about my son's car which was parked at the end of the road. He asked if I knew who the car belonged to. He wanted to buy it. I said well the car is my son's and as far as I know he does not want to sell it. This stranger and I continued to have a conversion for greater than 30 minutes in which we went from cars to solving world problems ...;)

Tom and Maggie came back down the road traveling back from where they had come. The fellow I was chatting with moved along so as to not block their path and well frankly, we had been chatting for quite some time (prior to T & M first pass) and he admitted he needed to get home for dinner. Tom stopped his vehicle in front of me and rolled down his window, commenting on Lucy, my sister's pug cross. He proceeded to ask me if I knew of any campgrounds in the area. I chuckled and said to him good luck on that one. It is the weekend of the Annual Baseball Tournament and teams worldwide come to compete and being a town of 4500 everything is booked up. He smiled and said, ”Well we are pretty much self sufficient anyhow. We can sleep in our van.” I said that is like us on our boat. “BOAT!”, he said? I said, yah we live on our boat....HIS EYES lit up like a child on Christmas morning. He started to shout to his wife, “Maggie, Maggie! Did you hear that she lives on a BOAT!”

Maggie who appeared to have been resting was startled in the conversation. Tom proceeded to explain that they were on their way to Nanaimo, BC, Vancouver Island to look for a boat to live on. I started to laugh and told him that we live on our boat in Nanaimo... how trippy. I told him I was going to be in Grand Forks for another three days but to contact, my partner, George. I said he would be happy then a pig in shit to show you about. Tom found that very comical and said well... how do you like that. We exchanged numbers. When I returned to Nanaimo, Tom and Maggie came and visited us. I took them to see some boats in our marina that were for sale, we had lunch and Tom showed me some awesome tips on photoshop. We had a truly magical day and he has become my mentor.

Tom has breathed confidence in me that I never knew I had. He has supported me , encouraged me, kicked my butt – if need be and been a great teacher. Tom is a very talented man and has quite the “resume”... thank you Tom and you too Maggie (a woman with a smile that brightens the darkest of rooms) ... glad that you were one man who stopped to ask “directions!”

It seems that the FAA site is rather contagious amongst photographers. I have introduced a fellow photographer, John Greaves to the FAA web site. He has taken some amazing shots not only from in around Canada (BC), but Hawaii and Mexico as well.

I was introduced to John through a comment he had made on one of his daughter's posts on FB. We befriended each other and have since built up a nice "photographers bond." John had over 100 votes on his Baby Owl's and Dolphins Breaking Free entries to the FAA TV contest which put him into the running to have his photography aired on National Television! John is the one who brought GMAIL BLOGGER to my attention. He posted his blog link on my FB page. John, I know can return blame...(smiles).

Well, my sneakers and camera bag are calling out to me... time to give them some attention and take to the hills.

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